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Chipolo CARD is Chipolo's thinnest item finder. It's as thin as two credit cards, which makes it fit your wallet perfectly. You can also slip it into your passport pouch or attach it to the remote control. The app offers a smart set of features that are available with no additional subscriptions. Chipolo CARD is perfect for people who often misplace their items or leave them behind. Chipolo's item finders will give you peace of mind and save precious minutes when you can't find the one thing you need to take with you.

  • Perfect for people that misplace their items or leave items behind
  • RING your item with the Chipolo app or double click the Chipolo ring to your phone
  • TRACK your item where you had it last via the Chipolo app
  • BE ALERTED if you leave without your item 
  • Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri
Find your keys, wallet, phone in seconds.
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