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How to Clean Your Cell Phone

Did you know that your cell phone should be cleaned regularly? If you aren’t washing your hands before every use, your phone could be pretty dirty by the end of the day. If that isn’t enough to convince you to clean your device, then maybe the draw of a sparkling phone will. Here’s how to clean your phone so it shines.

Before you begin
Always unplug your phone before cleaning. Remove your phone from its case before cleaning the device and its protective covering.

How to clean your phone
Before you begin cleaning, remove any dirt or grease from your device with a soft microfiber cloth. Once you are finished, wash the cloth and let it dry before using it again..

Although it may seem as if all cleaning products are created equal, some products can contain ingredients that may damage your device. Try to avoid using household cleaners, vinegar and products that contain bleach. Never submerge your phone in any liquid and take care to avoid getting any moisture in any of your phone’s openings, such as the charging port, headphone jack, microphones or speakers. One effective way to clean your phone is to use screen cleaners or wipes specifically made for electronic devices. 

Zagg InvisibleShield wipes are easy to use and are convenient for packing in purses or pockets and using on the go—simply wipe the whole phone down with the wipe and let dry.

How to clean your phone case
Most phone cases can be soaked in soap and water and scrubbed with an old toothbrush. Stubborn stains? Try scrubbing with a mix of baking soda and water. 

If you have a wooden or leather phone case, use only a mild hand soap and water. Gently dry with a microfiber cloth. When in doubt, always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to clean a phone screen and make it shine
Once your phone is clean, make the screen shine using a product like WHOOSH! Screen Shine Pocket Sprayer. Spray the solution on the included microfiber cloth, then apply to your phone. To really make your screen sparkle, polish with the cloth.

Now your phone is clean, shiny and looking like new!