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Create your personal sound space with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ANC in-ear true wireless earbuds. Stereo Hi-Fi and better ANC than previous generations, the Buds Pro also unleash 20+ hrs. play time.



Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ANC true wireless Bluetooth earbuds feature a glossy exterior with comfortable fit for most users. Boasting up to 20+ hours of play time with the jewel box design charging case and 6+ hours play time in the Buds alone while using ANC, Buds Pro give users a full day of enjoyment without ever asking for more juice.


From inside out, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro feature top tier specs. The spatial air vents reduce discomfort from extended wear, while the Ambient+ feature allows the user to interact with the barista at the coffee shop without ever taking the buds out.


Control Your Environment

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will give end users full control over their ANC experience. The variable adjustable Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) offers up to -35dB of cancellation on a sliding scale to get the most out of your music. Stellar ANC would not be as impressive without the brilliant elegance of Ambient+.


Ambient+ can boost ambient surroundings through the external microphones by up to +20dB. When turned on through the Samsung Wear app, Ambient+ creates varying levels of microphone amplification when the wearer’s voice is detected switches from ANC to Ambient+ automatically.




Rich Sound By AKG

The massive Hi-Fi sound by AKG is delivered by the new custom Galaxy Buds Pro 2-Way 11mm speaker for full bass and silky treble. Premium sound cuts through all the noise better with full bass, delicate trebles, high fidelity with low distortion while offering natural transparency and powerful noise cancelling all inside two small buds.


Designed to Make Calls Sound Great

Make and receive clearer calls with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The 3 mics inside and a dedicated Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) create great beamforming. From streaming a live video to making calls, you will be able to control more of what others hear. The High SNR Mic (Signal to Noise Ratio microphone) gives the user an extra +4dB of dynamic range to deliver the sound of a soft whisper in a quiet setting even more clearly.


Superb call quality is made even better by the unique design of the Buds Pro. The sound chamber housing and mesh exterior of the mic allows for a better and more robust protection against wind noise on calls. Turning ANC on is also a must for users to hear their calls at the highest quality.


Samsung Wear App activates full potential

From the native Spotify® integration, allowing users to instantly access custom playlists, to the Samsung Wear App customizable EQ, Find My Buds, Ambient+, ANC levels adjustments and more, find the best sound and access all features through the Samsung Wear App, available on Android.