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GEAR4 - iPhone 13 Pro D30 Vancouver Snap Case

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The Vancouver Snap case from Gear4 is packed with protection and features designed to give mobile gamers a competitive advantage. It's been tested and proven to protect phones from drops of up to 4m (13ft) and is MagSafe compatible, allowing for easy charging while gaming. Purpose-built with D3O and featuring 5G Signal Plus technology, it manages to let 5G signals through, for lightning-fast gaming and streaming.

Ergonomics Designed for Gamers

The Vancouver Snap case features precisely engineered grips, contours and finishes for exceptional comfort when on the go. play. Built-in ventilation and airflow channels allow for convection cooling of your device, keeping it in top condition for prodigious performance and speed.


A world-renowned company specializing in impact protection, D3O uses its unique knowledge and expertise to advise organizations impact protection best practice regulations.

D3O is a patented material known to provide superior impact protection through advanced shock absorption. It is used in the military and medical fields and is used in the manufacture of work, sports and motorcycling clothing, as well as boots and shoes.

Its unique molecular structure is flexible and soft to the touch, but in the event of an impact, the molecules solidify, which disperses the energy of the impact and reduces its force. The molecules then return to their flexible state. The higher the force of the impact, the more the molecules solidify and the greater the protection.