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GEAR4 - iPhone 13 Pro D30 Denali Case

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The Denali case from Gear4 offers extra protection, thanks to its extra layer of D3O® on the full interior. Made of a flexible TPU and polycarbonate back plate, this durable case is perfect for those looking to protect their device without adding bulk.


World renowned company specializing in the protection against shocks, D3O uses its unique knowledge and expertise to advise regulators on best practices in shock protection.

D3O is a patented material known to provide superior impact protection, thanks to advanced shock absorption. It is used in the military and medical fields and is used in the manufacture of work, sports and motorcycling clothing, as well as boots and shoes.

Its unique molecular structure is flexible and soft to the touch, but in the event of an impact, the molecules solidify, which disperses the energy of the impact and reduces its impact. strength. The molecules then return to their flexible state. The higher the force of the impact, the more the molecules solidify and the higher the protection.